Our Track

The maps below show the layout of our ground level and raised tracks.

200101 Track plan


The ground level track can accommodate 5¨ and 7¼¨guage locomotives, with several steaming bays outside the kiosk for locomotives to raise steam before going on the track.

The raised track in the middle of the ground track can accommodate 2½¨, 3½¨ and 5¨guage locomotives.

Railway ground track length

 OUTER TRACK 5¨ & 7¼¨ guage

756 feet  —-  252 yds —- 0.143mile —- 230 m


2270 feet —- 757 yds —- 0.43 miles —- 0.69 m

Railway raised track is 408¨ft / 124m length with its own steaming bays for locomotives to be prepared for track use.

Visitors are welcome to run their locomotives on our track by prior arrangement. All steam locomotives must have a current boiler certificate along with a written scheme of examination. Visitors must be a member of another model engineering club with a current club membership card.

Raised track can be used at all times, ground track can only be used outwith public running days.