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The Wee Train is Now Mostly Hibernating

🚂 Just a reminder that we are now closed at weekends until Easter 2023.
However we will hopefully see you all during the bonfire night celebrations 💥 in strathaven park in November and we may be able to run a few extra days during the October school holiday, weather permitting.

We’ll keep you posted 🚂

We are still Running

🚂 Where has the year gone?
We are now fast approaching our last weekend of the season 😢, the Glasgow September weekend running over Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th and Monday 26th, weather permitting 🌞☔️ from lunchtime through to 16.30 on each day.

It is hoped that we may also manage a couple of days during the October school holiday week 🤞🏻
Our last day of running will be on the 5th of November for Guy Fawkes night 💥 running from late afternoon until 8.30 pm or thereabouts, all weather dependent.

From all of us at the Wee Train 🚂

Extended Raised Track Opening Soon

Thank you to all the members and the suppliers of material or services over the last two years that have supported the railway with our project to extend the raised track .

We are almost finished, the track has finally been secured in place with resin and threaded rod anchors, just a few final little tweaks and we will be ready to run.
Over the next week or two new edging will be fitted around the new section of track and grey chips will fill in the space between the pillars.

We are about to hold our annual Open Track Weekend on the 8th and 9th of October, where we intend inviting the key suppliers of material and services as we officially open the new track.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has assisted with this mammoth task which was made all the harder by having to deal with Covid restrictions.

From all of us at the Wee Train 🚂

Initial Testing

Oh Bother !

☔️🌧 Due to the weather forecast for today, (Sunday 4th) we’ve taken the decision to cancel tomorrow’s running.

We’ll see you again next weekend when hopefully the weather will be kinder to us all 🚂

Wasn’t the Balloon Festival Grand ?

🚂 THANK YOU 👏🏻 to everyone who supported the Wee Train over the weekend of the Balloon Festival.
We ran a record amount of trains over the weekend 😳 hauling passengers from early morning through to eight o’clock on Saturday and Sunday evenings. 😴💤

We wish to thank you for your patience as we worked our way through the queues as safely and as quickly as possible. 👍🏻
It was great to see so many happy children of all ages enjoy their ride on the railway.

Please come back again soon 🥺, our official running season finishes on Monday the 26th of September. Thereafter there may be one or two operating days during the school holiday week.🤞🏻

Thank you from all of us at the Wee Train.🚂

Ballons and Trains – what’s not to like ?

Up, Up and Away !


🎈 We have finished all the preparation work and are ready to run our trains over the Balloon Festival weekend.
We commenced yesterday at 4pm till 8pm (but the weather was poor andthe balloons didn’t fly). 👏🏻

Full running Today and Sunday from 10.00am till 20.00hrs.

Look out 👀 for different carriages and “Lancashire Lad” , one of our members’ steam locomotives pulling passengers.

To help speed up entry a cash bucket 🪣 and our card machine for payment will be in use with no tickets issued.

Gus our friendly Gorilla 🦍 will not be driving 🤭 but on display somewhere around the track.

Enjoy the weekend 🥳 and have fun at all that is on within the park over the weekend .

From the Wee Train 🚂

Look out for Gus and Lancashire Lad
And Eva of course !

The Wee Train and Balloons – What’s not to Like ?


The only balloon festival in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 will take place over the bank holiday weekend 26th ,27th and 28th of August, see link to their information. https://en-gb.facebook.com/strathavenbf/

The railway will open for extended hours all of this weekend weather permitting –
Friday the 26th 16.00 to 20.00hrs
Saturday the 27th 10.00am till 20.00hrs
Sunday the 28th 10.00am till 20hrs

We hope that the weather will be kind to all festival attendees 🌞 and that it will allow us and the balloons to give rides to the visitors from far and wide 🌎

If anyone takes a ride in a hot air balloon and can take an aerial shot 🎥 of the railway we would very much like to have this to put on our facebook page, website etc. So please, please, post your photos on the FB page.
We have just about finished extending the raised track 😮‍💨 and do not have a new image from above the site ☹️

Thank you to all our many supporters 👏🏻 and we hope to see you over this festival weekend.

From all your chums at the Wee Train. 👋🏻🚂

Strathaven Balloon Festival Parking

There will be NO Festival parking within Strathaven itself and the Festival would ask that drivers do not park on verges and roadsides but use the official parking locations. This helps the flow of traffic and also ensures access for emergency vehicles and public service buses.

Please follow signs along the A71 (from Stonehouse and Darvel), A723 and A726 to the park and ride.

**Car Parking is £5 per car payable at the carpark entrance**      
(card or cash)

We Are Running Even More !


Besides the usual running this Saturday and Sunday, we will have an extra day on Monday the 25th of July. 😁

On all three days running commences ⏰ 11.30 to 16.30 weather permitting. 🤞🏻

On view at the track will be our new loco Titan 0-6-0, a replica of the locomotives used at Harland and Wollf shipyard Belfast 😱.
H&W built this type of locomotives to move large steel loads about the shipyard, plus they exported them to Canada for moving heavy loads of timber. 😳
Hope to see you at the park over the next three days and thank you from all the volunteers at the railway for your support.

Your pals at The Wee Train 🚂

Titan in action with more pals !

Raised Track Extension Nearly Complete

Thank you to all the volunteers working on the raised track , the last section was put in place earlier this month. Some fine adjustments are required and new neoprene pads will be fitted to each pillar top – those just need to be cut to size now.

Thereafter we let track settle and in August fit the bolts to through the bases into the concrete foundations. It is planned to test the track with some of our carriages in August and for locomotive trials by the end of August all going to plan.

Below are pictures of a few of the volunteers who were putting the finishing touches to the track last week.

Even More Fun !


Over the next two weeks we will have a few extra running days at the park. 👏🏻

Monday the 18th July-Glasgow Fair Monday

Wednesday the 20th of July

Monday the 25th of July

Running on these three days will be from NOON to 16.30 weather permitting. ☀️

Thank you to all who have supported the railway during the first half of our running season.

From all at the Wee Train. 🚂