A HUGE THANK YOU to all the members who participated in running the railway this weekend.

For the weekend we carried 1458 passengers  ( Saturday 1432 Sunday 26) What a difference a day makes the weather on Saturday was one of the best of this summer  while sunday was one of the wettest.  It was estimated that the park had over 10,000 visitors  Trains ran from 09.30 to 19.30

The figure of 1432 would appear to be the biggest total carried on the railway in one day on our track of today. In 1949 the railway carried 1548 passengers in one day. The difference being that the track was just over 100 meters long per ride whereas today one circuit of the track is now 692 meters.

To those who turned out to DAY and were willing to set up and try to run the railway in rather inclement weather thank you ( At 14.00 the organisers cancelled the festival due to weather conditions).

Thank you to Daniel our junior member who assisted with punching tickets all day plus he  distributed over 1000 of our new  leaflets on Saturday to the general public

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