All Good News

Large donation of Steel enables work to start on new track.

Strathaven miniature railway has commenced the work to extend the raised track in the middle of our ground track by almost 300 feet.

We had started to price the materials to commence this project when it was found that the cost of the steel required would be in the region of £2,500 / £3,000 plus other materials required.
We were surprised and delighted to receive a donation of all the steel required to complete the new track.   A big thank you to  a local Strathaven Resident who is a director for Cairnhill Structures in Coatbridge .

Railway visitors pass 700,000 mark

Since opening in 1949, Strathaven Miniature Railway has welcomed over 720,000 visitors onto its tracks.  This landmark was reached by the end of 2019.

Strathaven Miniature Railway Website News

All of us at the Strathaven Miniature Railway are delighted with our website which has been up and running since early 2018.  We have recently updated the content which now includes considerably more visuals than before.


We were delighted and surprised to receive an anonymous donation of £500 during the off season near the end of 2019.  The cash was handed over to one of our volunteers in an envelope and will go towards helping keep the railway running in its usual tip top shape.


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