An Extra BONUS for the school holidays !

πŸš‚ After a really successful outing on Saturday 10th Oct we felt that 😁we really should be open for train rides on Wednesday the 14th of October !
And so, weather permitting, we will operate the railway on Wednesday from Noon till 16.30 ⛅️
We hope this extra running day will be of interest for parents looking for somewhere to go during these challenging times especially with many places already closed for the winter.🚨
We would ask all customers to please observe the 2 metre rule πŸ“ and to wear face coverings 😷 while waiting in the queue at the fence🚨
So come along for a ride around our track and THANK YOU πŸ‘πŸ» for supporting the Wee TrainπŸš‚

Look what fun we had on Saturday

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