The Park and the Wee Train make a 2nd Appearance in Local News

🚂 Thank you to Strathaven Echoes 👍🏻 for committing a page to cover our short running season in 2020. With all the restrictions in place regarding Covid 19 and with all that the volunteers had to do to make it possible to run it really was a tough 😰 but rewarding year. Congratulations also to Strathaven Park 👏🏻 who shared the double page feature with us and for winning a GREEN FLAG for the eighth consecutive yea.
Well done to all.
We have now started the many maintenance 🔧 tasks required to ensure all our rolling stock and locomotives are ready for next year. This will be a more difficult task than normal with many of our colleagues having to isolate at this time so they cannot assist in sharing the workload as they would usually do. 🤞🏻We hope everyone keeps safe and well.
From all at the Wee Train 🚂
Looking forward to seeing you all at EASTER 🐣 next year.

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