Eva Restoration – her new boiler has arrived !


This week we received the new boiler for Eva with all the new fittings🔩. Included in the new fittings is a new whistle for the locomotive, a THREE CHIME type 🎶 , which will sound very different from the whistle on the loco today (single note).
We just now need to wait till we can get back in the workshop😓 to remove the old boiler and replace it 🔧 with this new one😎, and all the fittings.🔩
Once back in the workshop it will take several weeks 📆 to have Eva ready for the track, but hopefully by the summer 🌞 of this year all will be well.
Keep safe 😷 and well and we are looking forward to seeing everyone 🤗 back in the park later this year 👋🏻🚂

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