Eva will be at the Park – very, very soon

Alight again – Hooray

On Monday 23rd of August, we lit the first fire in Eva’s new boiler after eight months plus of strip down and rebuilding. The stationary Steam test was very successful with all major components doing what they should. Some small tweaks are required that could not be seen until steam was raised in the locomotive. It is planned to finish these minor items this week.

Then return her to the park to be steam tested again, on the move this time and hopefully return to service during the later part of September.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the team of engineers who have overcome all the difficulties that were thrown at them – from Covid restrictions to design alterations – while fitting multiple new components and pipe work.
Well done Mike, Eric and Gordon as main leads on this work and also thanks to Jay and David W. plus many more who have contributed to this major piece of work.

“What is next ?” I hear you say, well we have a list of items that we wish to complete, on the rolling stock, locos and running infrastructure, this year and next.
If you have an interest and would like to join us on a Monday or Tuesday evening please come along and join us.

Where the heck did that widget go ?
Tea break after successful endeavours

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