Holmside resurrection

After a busy year in the workshop, we have put down our tools and stopped the machines for the Christmas holidays. 

Over the year we coped with the Covid restrictions about how many people can gather together inside the workshop, until the restrictions were lifted.  Over the Summer and Autumn in the workshop several projects have been undertaken.
On the last working day in December we managed to finish the last piece of new rail for the raised track, which we intend to install at the park next year thus extending the raised running track for 5″ and 3/12″ locomotives.  
Work is also nearing completion on the renovation of our 0-6-0 locomotive Holmside. All the major work on the boiler is now complete and the reassembly of the loco components has commenced.  Painting of all the parts has started, the wheels are now finished and the saddle tank and cab will be finished by the end of January.  Thereafter it will be final assembly and a steam test before the loco can return to the park. It would be good to have her hauling passengers during the running season of 2022.

We would like to wish all of our volunteers and followers a Safe and Healthy 2022.

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