Extended Raised Track Opening Soon

Thank you to all the members and the suppliers of material or services over the last two years that have supported the railway with our project to extend the raised track .

We are almost finished, the track has finally been secured in place with resin and threaded rod anchors, just a few final little tweaks and we will be ready to run.
Over the next week or two new edging will be fitted around the new section of track and grey chips will fill in the space between the pillars.

We are about to hold our annual Open Track Weekend on the 8th and 9th of October, where we intend inviting the key suppliers of material and services as we officially open the new track.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has assisted with this mammoth task which was made all the harder by having to deal with Covid restrictions.

From all of us at the Wee Train 🚂

Initial Testing

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