We are presently still closed and are not sure if we will be able or allowed to open later on this year.

The biggest issue for all involved will be maintaining social distancing.  For our passengers – vis a vis Qing at the gate and boarding and de-boarding the trains and for our volunteers as we go about our duties operating the railway, and for us this is coupled to the “slightly advanced” age of all of us which brings additional risk. 

We are all sad about the prospect of a long wait until the “next train” but we are sure you agree that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As you can see from the title picture even our locomotives are unhappy about the prospect of not running this year.

Last spring we planted quite a few beech trees and their growth is intended to produce a “tunnel” up the back straight.  The pictures below show the trees flourishing and making the best of the recent good weather (and now the rain) to sprout ever upwards.

The unfortunate thing is that weeds at some parts of the track are also making good use of the weather conditions and are starting to take over. At least we know that we will have plenty to keep us busy when we do eventually get back in the park. 

Keep well and stay safe until we see you all again in the park.

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