The Weedkillers

Thank you to members of the public who have offered assistance in tidying the railway in the park, we received these both verbally and via Facebook.  However due to the track being situated in the park we have to follow SLC guidelines which has restricted the people allowed to carry out such work. 

So over the last couple of weeks one of our members and his girlfriend spent two afternoons weeding the track and managed to collect over four bags of “weedy” material.  Another of our members has sprayed all the track bed with weed killer and now we can see the effects of all their hard work (and the track !).  

The garden staff in the park have also cut all the grass around the track.  

After all these splendid efforts have taken place we will be able to see all our supporters later this year when we see easing of the CV19 restrictions.

Pictures before

and after

the sterling work !!!

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