“The Preparers” – The Trains are Coming Back

It has been a long sorry summer so far without our trains running in Strathaven Park.
As of Saturday 1st of August till the September bank holiday weekend we will be running socially distanced trains on Saturdays and Sundays from 13.00 hrs to 16.30 hrs weather permitting.  If we have enough volunteers we will try and run trains on other days throughout the school holidays.

We gave been practising all our precautions ready for you all to arrive and rejoin the fun

Please be aware that we will need to socially distance passengers and also take contact details for “Trace and Protect Scotland” (Surname and telephone number).

There will be a donation bucket out instead of ticket sales to ensure social distancing is maintained.

Please bear with us at the track in the Park as we will not be able to fill carriages as quickly as usual thus your wait time might be longer than normal. Thank you ALL for the kind messages and offers of assistance, we really appreciate your support.

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