Over this holiday weekend Saturday 30th April to Monday 2nd May some lucky passenger of the Wee Train will purchase a gold coloured ticket. 

This person will be our 750,000 paying passenger since records began on the 14th of May 1949. 

We have carried over 3/4 of a million passengers in our time but only have records for ticket sales that lets us claim this weekend someone will purchase our 750,000 ticket. This ticket will allow the owner of the ticket to have free rides for themselves and a friend for the rest of this running year. 

Will you be that extremely lucky person who purchases this wonderful GOLD TICKET over the three days ?

Weather permitting we will run on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday from lunchtime till 16.30 on each day. 

Hope to see you trackside –
Best Wishes from the Wee Train!!!!.

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