And there it is – THE GOLDEN TICKET has been won !

🏵🎟 We reached the landmark number of ticket sales earlier today (Saturday 1st May), when we sold our 750,000 ticket since records started on the 14th of May 1949.😱
The lucky person was Roman aged 4 (Birthday tomorrow) – Happy Birthday Roman 🥳🎂
Roman was accompanied by his older brother Aston (6) and his dad Daniel, as you can see in the pictures below.
Roman will be sent a laminated copy of the GOLD ticket allowing him and his brother or a friend to travel free on the wee train free of charge till our season ends at the September weekend of 2022. 👏🏻

Thank you to everyone who supports the Wee Train in this, our 73rd fabulous, year.
Margaret our steam locomotive will be 73 on the 14th of May and will be in steam for this special occasion weather permitting. 🌞🚂

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