Guess Who is 73 on Saturday ?

🥳🚂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGARET (73 years young) 🚂🥳

On Saturday the 14th of May our railway will be 73 years old.👏🏻
The first train pulling passengers on the 14th of May 1949 was pulled by Margaret, our 2-6-0 steam locomotive.
All going to plan and the weather being kind to us ☀️ we will replicate this event on Saturday the 14th of May 2022 with Margaret in steam and pulling passengers around our track. 🥰

Our original track in 1949 was just a small oval 150 yards long, fares were 3d for children 👶🏻 and 6d for adults !
Today your journey is almost 1/2 a mile or 750 yards 😳 long and costs only £1.00 per passenger.

Come and help us celebrate 🎉 our birthday and have a train ride on Scotland’s Oldest Miniature Railway.

Hope to see you at the weekend
from the Wee Train. 🚂

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