What a 73rd Birthday Party !

🚂 Thank you to all the visitors over the weekend who helped us celebrate 73 years in the park and Margaret’s 73rd birthday on the 14th of May. 🥳
On Sunday one of our juniors helped us by blowing the whistle and waving the flag 🚩 for Margaret and Abberton starting the running on the day.
We received a birthday card from the SLC staff at the park and a picture drawn by a young man visiting the railway on Saturday. Please see attached pictures of these and some pictures from the weekend.

If you go to our community section of our facebook page you will find 40 plus pictures of our big day on Saturday taken by Les of the Strathaven Echo.

Thank you all from the wee train❤️

73 years young 👏🏻🚂

Oh what fun we have !

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