Up, Up and Away !


🎈 We have finished all the preparation work and are ready to run our trains over the Balloon Festival weekend.
We commenced yesterday at 4pm till 8pm (but the weather was poor andthe balloons didn’t fly). 👏🏻

Full running Today and Sunday from 10.00am till 20.00hrs.

Look out 👀 for different carriages and “Lancashire Lad” , one of our members’ steam locomotives pulling passengers.

To help speed up entry a cash bucket 🪣 and our card machine for payment will be in use with no tickets issued.

Gus our friendly Gorilla 🦍 will not be driving 🤭 but on display somewhere around the track.

Enjoy the weekend 🥳 and have fun at all that is on within the park over the weekend .

From the Wee Train 🚂

Look out for Gus and Lancashire Lad
And Eva of course !

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