The Wee Train and Balloons – What’s not to Like ?


The only balloon festival in Scotland 🏴ķ §ķ ĸķ ŗķ Ŗķ ´ķ ŋ will take place over the bank holiday weekend 26th ,27th and 28th of August, see link to their information.

The railway will open for extended hours all of this weekend weather permitting –
Friday the 26th 16.00 to 20.00hrs
Saturday the 27th 10.00am till 20.00hrs
Sunday the 28th 10.00am till 20hrs

We hope that the weather will be kind to all festival attendees 🌞 and that it will allow us and the balloons to give rides to the visitors from far and wide 🌎

If anyone takes a ride in a hot air balloon and can take an aerial shot đŸŽĨ of the railway we would very much like to have this to put on our facebook page, website etc. So please, please, post your photos on the FB page.
We have just about finished extending the raised track 😮‍💨 and do not have a new image from above the site ☚ī¸

Thank you to all our many supporters 👏đŸģ and we hope to see you over this festival weekend.

From all your chums at the Wee Train. 👋đŸģ🚂

Strathaven Balloon Festival Parking

There will be NO Festival parking within Strathaven itself and the Festival would ask that drivers do not park on verges and roadsides but use the official parking locations. This helps the flow of traffic and also ensures access for emergency vehicles and public service buses.

Please follow signs along the A71 (from Stonehouse and Darvel), A723 and A726 to the park and ride.

**Car Parking is ÂŖ5 per car payable at the carpark entrance**      
(card or cash)

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