We Are Running Even More !


Besides the usual running this Saturday and Sunday, we will have an extra day on Monday the 25th of July. 😁

On all three days running commences ⏰ 11.30 to 16.30 weather permitting. 🀞🏻

On view at the track will be our new loco Titan 0-6-0, a replica of the locomotives used at Harland and Wollf shipyard Belfast 😱.
H&W built this type of locomotives to move large steel loads about the shipyard, plus they exported them to Canada for moving heavy loads of timber. 😳
Hope to see you at the park over the next three days and thank you from all the volunteers at the railway for your support.

Your pals at The Wee Train πŸš‚

Titan in action with more pals !

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